Ono Sokki Model HT-4200 Digital Tachometer


Looking for Ono Sokki Digital Instruments?

We have ready stocks of these equipment for sale:

  • AA-816 Air Release Cable
  • AA-817 Finger Lifter
  • AA-822 Contact Tip
  • AA-827 Contact Tip
  • AA-828 Contact Tip
  • AA-889 Contact Tip
  • AA-832 Contact Tip
  • AA-920 Contact Tip-Special
  • AA-921 Contact Tip
  • AX-1200 Pulse Output Cable
  • AX-5022 Interface Cable for Pc
  • AX-5042 Interface Cable for Printer
  • AX-505 extension cable (5M)
  • CR-1310D Digital Counter
  • CR-1360D Digital Counter
  • CX-0053 Paper Roll for SR-5300
  • PW-4007E, AC Adaptor for DPU-414
  • FGB-300-701 Plotter Pen (6X Black)
  • GS-1513 Linear Gauge Sensor
  • GS-1530 Linear Gauge Sensor
  • HT-0001A Hard Case For HT-3100
  • HT-0002A Hard Case For HT-4100
  • HT-0003 Soft Carrying Case for HT-4100
  • HT-011 Reflective Mark for HT-4100/HT-4200/HT-5100/HT-5500/HT-446/HT-441
  • HT-4200 Digital Hand Tachometer
  • HT-5500 Digital Hand Tachometer
  • IP290 Ignition Pulse Detector
  • KS-100 Circumferential Speed Ring (mm/sec)
  • KS-200 Circumferential Speed Ring (mm/min)
  • KS-300 Contact Tip
  • MP-001 Tooth Gear
  • MP-910 Magnetic Detector
  • MX-505 5m Signal Cable
  • MX-705 5m Signal Cable
  • PB-701A AC Adaptor for EG-225/120VAC
  • PB-701D AC Adaptor for EG-225/220VAC
  • SC-2120 Sound Calibrator Type 2
  • SE-1100 Engine Tachometer
  • TM-2120 Digital Tachometer
  • AHV-1000AZ Akashi Vibrometer
  • Metrix MX-200 AC/DC Clamp On Multimeter
  • Teac BU-41 Battery Unit
  • Teac BU-41ch Battery Charger
  • Teac CT-90-II Digital Cassette Tape
  • DM-120 Digital Cassette Tape

Note: Cash and Self Collection at #B1-02 Sim Lim Square on Monday to Friday from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays. Thank you.